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Shampoo + Conditioner made uniquely as per your hair type, lifestyle & hair goals

# 1 Rated Personalised Haircare Regimen

Formulated by experts in US with over 40 years of industry experience & 7 patents. All our products are freshly made in our lab & contains ingredients that match your hair condition.

Freewill's personalised products make your hair beautiful from the core.

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Create your hair profile by answering some easy questions

Our formulators brew magic

Our scientists prepare a product that meets your hair needs & goals

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We deliver the product right to your doorstep

7000+ five-star ratings


No harsh sulfates or parabens. Cruelty free.

We believe in clean, science backed beauty. Every product is freshly made in our lab using only the best ingredients. No sulfates, parabens, phthalates or formaldehydes. Each ingredient is highly potent and is hand picked from leading global suppliers for high efficacy.

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