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250ml Shampoo + 30ml Serum for Men


Happy with the product since its giving volume and making my hair soft. But haifall Is not controlled yet

Liked the shampoo and conditioner

Liked your products...but serum is too thick like an oil and too stickey...even after drying the hair completely hair was sticky...loved to buy the products but plz either decrease the price or increase the quantity...felt very costly for that quantity...

Love it!!!

I order customized shampoo of other brand as well earlier which wasn't suits me well and I felt disappointed. Later on, I saw Freewill add on my Instagram and doubted if I should order or not. I took the risk and I felt good I did it. My hair feel light and healthy. Thank you Freewill. Looking forward to order more.

It's nice

I liked it totally. Stopped hair fall.

very happy and satisfied

will recommend to all my frind and family

Freewill shampoo

The product is good but can be more effective for my dandruff issue. Rest it is very good over all.

I am very thankful to you for your product thatbu have made for us very good product.

Lovely product,immediately hair are so smooth after using the shampoo,love it

It gives the resule what I expect

I wanted a shampoo to ensure my hair straight, detangled and soft. It gives first 2 effects but the hair is soft only if I apply a conditioner after the shampoo. So I suggest Freewill should also include right conditioner in the package and also sell some smaller quantities (50 or 100 ml) for trials


Overall good experience but my hairfall didn't reduce..

Natural all the way

Personalised to take care of my hair.. wow! And the fact that it’s chemical free sealed the deal for me.. it softened my hair and gave it a good sheen, but didn’t find it very effective for the dandruff. May be need to use it more for better results.

Great product!

The shampoo and conditioner are really working for my hair. Would want a better packaging though... the current mouth of the bottles is little tight.

I like the product

Product is really very good n useful

The product is good.

In first wash the result was good.but in the second and third wash the result was just fine.

Works Amazingly

The product works amazingly. I have been struggling with frizz. After using the shampoo from Freewill for a couple of times, I noticed lesser frizz and manageable hair. I highly recommend trying out the Freewill range of Hair products!!!!!
Thank you Team Freewill!!!!!

Just wow.....

Started to using this product oli think my hair better the n before happy😀😀

Very impressive results

My hair became soft and shiny but only thing I'm unable to overcome is dandruff which I clearly mentioned in the survey. Could you please help me with that..

Awesome Product

Using it for 2 weeks and Results are visible. Would recommend the product to anyone.

Best shampoo

I tried for the first time. And I must say I can totally feel the difference. My hair is no more frizzy. Hair fall is still there. But hair feel healthy and good.

My hair is dry and therefore requires a lot of nourishment. This product helps.

Finally a shampoo and conditioner that work for me!

My search is finally over, my free will shampoo and conditioner are the first in years that don't irritate my scalp, in fact my scalp feels less itchy and irritated now. They leave my thick, dry hair feeling soft, and my hair actually looks more shiny!


The hair has transformed into a magical welness with freewill.

Satisfactory Product

It's been two weeks since I started using Freewill Shampoo and I can already start noticing positive outcome. Hair fall, frizziness reduced, and volume looks better. Thanks!